Electric Arc Furnace

There are different types of electric arc furnaces (conventional, shaft, AC, DC)  for steelmaking industry. Kümaş provides to customers magnesia bricks, EBT sets, basic mixes. Depending on the furnaces and operating conditions, refractory solutions are optimized by our technical experts.



Gunning Mixes

Gunning repair mixes is widely used in steelmaking industry for better refractory lifetime. Recipes were developed with special binders and additives according to customers’ requirements. Kümaş provides on-site technical support and special equipments for mortar applications.

Gunning Mixes offered for the electric arc furnace

-QHR 300

-QHR 301

-QHR 302

-QHR C 302

Electric Arc Furnace - EBT 

Electric Arc Furnace - DPP 


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