Basic Oxygen Furnace

      Kümaş has detailed knowledge of the requirements of steelmaking industry.

-Considering the price/performance optimization, our refractory experts gives customized engineering, design and supervisory services to our customers.


Common Design



Special Design


Basic Oxygen Furnace - Taphole Bricks and Mixes


Basic Oxygen Furnace - Bottom Inert Gas Purging


In the modern steelmaking industry, “Bottom Inert Gas Purging” is an important tool and its advantages are;

Gunning Mixes

Gunning repair mixes is widely used in steelmaking industry for better refractory lifetime. Recipes were developed with special binders and additives according to customers’ requirements. Kümaş provides on-site technical support and special equipments for mortar applications.

Gunning Mixes offered for the converter

-QHR 300

-QHR 301

-QHR 302

-QHR C 302


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